Health and Nutrition

Gaskell’s philosophy is to encourage healthy eating patterns. The menus are carefully planned to encompass a healthy and well balanced diet encouraging children to taste and enjoy a variety of mouth-watering meals. The full-time cook provides delicious well- balanced meals meeting all dietary needs. These are freshly prepared and cooked on the premises.  

Menus are planned on a four week rota with each offering a morning snack and an afternoon snack.
In each play room there is a “Snack Station” where children can help themselves at any time throughout the day to healthy snacks such as raisins, fresh fruit, crackers and water.

windowsHere is a sample menu:
Breakfast at 8.30am to 9.15am:-
Breakfast Cereals and toast, fresh fruit

Lunch at 11.30am:-
Cheese and onion pie, new potatoes, peas and sweet corn. Fresh fruit salad
Roast chicken dinner, stuffing carrots, broccoli, mashed potatoes, and gravy, Melon and yogurt.

High Tea at 3pm:-
Sandwich selection e.g. tuna, cheese, harm served with salad, fresh fruit. Potato cakes, apples and pears.
They wash their hands before and after snacks and lunch and learn about the importance of good hygiene.

We also have oral hygiene programme where the children clean their teeth at various times throughout the day.


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