Come Inside

windowsHere at Gaskells we accept children from the age of six weeks up until they begin Reception Class at school.

Up to the age of two, the children are in the Under Two room which is split between babies and younger toddlers. Here they are given lots of stimulating experiences-both auditory and tactile.

Toys which promote interest are provided and music is played for the babies’ enjoyment.   As they begin to walk these younger toddlers begin to explore the world around them. They are offered a diverse mix of rewarding stimuli such as baking, listening to music and best of all participating in “messy” play.

Between the ages of two and three the children are in the Older Toddlers room where they enjoy French, through the mediums of songs and games, cooking and role-play. Alongside these activities children learn to share toys, enjoy quiet time in the library area and have fun constructing (and demolishing).

Once they turn three the children then progress to the Pre-School room. Here they have the opportunity to attend weekly swimming lessons and enjoy French and Numeracy sessions. Co-operation, sharing and good manners are encouraged and expected. The children have a wide choice of arts and crafts, role-playing, painting and singing. There is a quiet area too where they can go to look at books or just have a few moments peace.

We put a lot of emphasis on the outdoors here at Gaskells and the children play outside come rain or shine. Each room has access to their own outside play area and the Older Toddlers and Pre-School rooms not only have their own areas but also easy access to our large sandpit.


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